In this scene Lennox has said something to trigger The Lord thought to be who has killed king Duncan and Lennox believes that macbeth has killed Duncan but is not sure and I know that because of all of the questions on lines 12-24 Macduff has gone to live in England.

I think that blood have more blood is to kill Duncan and kill more people to prevail so he can change the oracle to be safer from them. They used blood in stead of murder because it would give it away and it is an metaphor

he describes it as “is this a dagger which I see before me.”  2.He says it is  also a false creation                                                                     […]

Lady macbeth is saying to her husband how he has no courage and is too much of a wimp to do what his heart says him too and should carry out the plan they are making also macbeth is too loyal and his confidence is down and he is having a lot of second thought […]

1. In my book the main characters were Alex, Jessica and Cole.  I liked Alex and Jessica because they were lovely and funny and I felt sorry for Jessica because of her pass life but I did not like Cole he was a fallen angel that came to the earth from the dead. so he […]

Lady macbeth says this how she feels nowm ‘ thy letters have transported me beyond the ignorant present, and I feel now ‘ that is the quotation of what lady macbeth feels about the letter. ‘Great Glamis, worthy cawdor’ I think this is the symbol of how great she loves macbeth. ‘thy letters have transported […]

highlighted text for full explanatory notes and paraphrases. ACT I SCENE II A base near the Atlantic ocean. [Alarum within. Enter DUNCAN, MALCOLM, DONALBAIN, LENNOX, with Attendants, meeting a bleeding Sergeant ] DUNCAN What flaming  man is that? He can report, As archaic  by his plight, of the revolt. the newest state. MALCOLM This is the […]

first time Shakespeare mentions Macbeth is in the following line ” but all is to weak: for brave Macbeth.” this is the first time Shakespeare mentions Macbeth. Shakespeare presents Macbeth as strong and brave because even though he was out numbed he still killed all of the men and because of his bravery Scotland won […]

This is about a supernatrul experience I just started so I don’t know

This week I have been reading The Fallen. It is an interesting and fun book That you can read again and again. My favourite character is Camel because he’s funny and emotionless and when he trys to say a joke he always flops and makes you laugh. Also he’s a bad ass at fighting because […]